Throw Him Out

I love working with kids, and making an impact on them on and off the court. When a kid is participating in one of my basketball camps, I’m looking out for them more than you can imagine.

There’s literally nothing I won’t do to ensure their well-being, in every way. My goal for a kid is for him or her to have the time of their life. That being said, I run a tight ship. I’m fair, but firm. There’s an expectation that all kids pay attention, and be self-discipline.

Of course, some kids will veer off course a little. That’s expected. But if they go too far, they must be reeled in. If a kid refuses, and at the same time they’re affecting other campers negatively, I will throw them out!

Sounds harsh doesn’t it?! Hear me out. If the kid is unable, or unwilling to be a good camper, and I don’t “check” it, one of the following things will likely happen:

  1. Other campers (moving forward) will elect not to enroll in future basketball camps
  2. Your basketball camps will gain the reputation of being out of control

Either one is bad, and will hurt your bottom line!

That being said, I would rather remove the disruptful camper to save the flock, versus keep him or her, and loose everyone.

Believe me, this may seem harsh to some, but long-term, by implementing this approach, you’re setting yourself up for long term success.