The Superfan

Our basketball camp has just concluded. I then direct all campers to half court to close-out the camp session. There’s a quick recap of activities that took place, I’ll ask campers what the quote-of-the-day was, and I’ll make general announcements.

Afterwards, everyone stands, and one of the campers will take us out: HARDWORK ON 3, 1 – 2 – 3 – HARDWORK!!!

At this moment, I make a beeline to the gymnasium exit door! Why?! By well-wishing each camper as they depart, I want them to know that I’m their SUPERFAN!

As campers are exiting, I give each of them high-fives and hugs. I do this to show my genuine love and appreciation! This show of affection goes far beyond the basketball camp. They can feel it!

Just this small gesture goes a long way (personally and business-wise) with the camper’s entire family. As a coach, you’ll become one of their favorites because you care!

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