Proven Business Model for Basketball Camps

Most personal trainers make the mistake of offering only one-on-one private training sessions. Yes, a personal trainer may potentially earn descent income, but it does not allow them to scale. It also opens personal trainers up to be too dependent on a handful of clients. I’ve seen relationships abruptly end leaving the personal trainer in […]

One and Done

The first start-up company I ever worked for failed! Initially, optimism was ever-present and over-flowing. We had a great team, and product. The goal was to hit a pre-determined milestone. Afterwards, go public, and then we’ll all become rich! Guess what? This never happened! Why? We had a “one-and-done” product. Plainly said, after we sold […]

Give Coaches What They Want

A couple months back, I created an online course that showed, and explained to coaches how to run successful basketball camps. I was gung-ho, as it contained my blueprint. Unfortunately, when the course was rolled out, it fell short of expectations. To be honest, I didn’t know why. From my vantage point, the course was […]

Realistic Career Option – Coaching Youth Basketball

Youth basketball coaches are everywhere. Why? They love doing what they do! If it were up to them, they would engage coaching as a full-time career. The problem is they don’t know how to make this work. I’m an out-of-the-box thinker. Anything is possible. No one should have to do something simply because that’s where […]

Coach for Passion, Money or Both?

From the very beginning, I always believed there was no money in coaching youth sports. My youth coaches volunteered their time because they loved the sport, and were passionate about making a difference in our lives. I always had a healthy admiration, and appreciation for all youth coaches. They took time to give back helping […]

Youth Hoops Academy – Training Community for Coaches Running Basketball Camps

Running basketball camps on an island, alone, can be a self-defeating proposition. If coaches are able to leverage off more experienced coaches, who run camps, their overall success rate would skyrocket. Many coaches, who try to run basketball camps fall short simply because they don’t know what they don’t know. My desire is to fill […]

Masterclass – How to Earn a 6-figure Income Running Basketball Camps Without Owning a Gym or Having Any Prior Business Experience

Most basketball coaches coach because they’re passionate about the game, and passionate about the youth. It’s not for the money. Why? There is no “real” money in coaching basketball. Generally speaking, at the middle school, high school and AAU levels, a coach’s pay is anywhere from $0 – $2,000 for an entire season. This doesn’t […]

Basketball Camp Secrets – Running Progressive Camps

Prior to running my own basketball camps, I had worked with many other basketball camp organizations. The one common flaw I witnessed (over and over) was there was no real curriculum. In other words, once a kid completed one basketball camp, there were no progressive follow-on camps they may take. It was one and done. […]