Alternative Basketball Camp Options

I just received a very long email. To summarize, the question contained within was as follows: How can you run basketball camps when campers can’t attend, or there’s no gym access?

On the surface, you may think it’s impossible to run basketball camps! You’re right, if thinking traditionally.

Here are 3 out-the-box programs that we’ve implemented successfully:

1. Online Film Study
2. Online Basketball Camp
3. Online Group Coaching & Mentoring

Online Film Study:
Breaks down core offensive and defensive strategies, which enhances the player’s overall basketball IQ!

Online Basketball Camp:
Multifaceted online program, which delivers weekly conference calls, skill development & life lesson videos, homework assignments and community forum access.

Group Coaching & Mentoring:
Program, which helps player better understand themselves (on and off the court). Through deep probing questions, and transparency, the player finds their own truth.

Even when “traditional” basketball camps can’t be run for whatever reason, there’s still a way to run successful camps.