The Nuclear Option

As a corporate instructor, amongst many things, I was responsible for traveling the world to deliver high-end, instructor-led, information technology courses to customers, partners, and internal employees. One such huge assignment had me travel to Beijing, China. My employer trusted I’d get the job done. Lots of money, time and resources were allocated to ensure […]

Thoughts of bankruptcy

We just built, and moved into our dream home in Chapel Hill, NC. It cost us $600,000 to build. At the time, I owned a franchise (while still having full-time employment), which offered Internet-based solutions to small to mid-sized businesses. Right before the move to Chapel Hill from Glen Ridge, NJ, we had purchased the […]

The Origin Story – Youth Hoops Basketball Camps

I was deep in debt, with significant month-to-month overhead needing to be covered. At the time, I was full-time employed but it wasn’t very secure. Plus, the job was barely covering our expenses. My desire was to be able to cover all expenses, get out of debt and stash cash away. My family’s quality of […]